San Simeon is known for two things; the Hearts castle and the elephant seals. The elephant seals in San Simeon are a must see. The elephant seals arrived in 1990 and have since been calling the beaches and surrounding areas of San Simeon their home. 

The seals come and go all year round, and you will most likely see some no matter the time of the year. There’s are certain times of the year where you can find special activity; In November they compete for mates and breed, in January they give birth and over the summer they sunbake and molt.

They get their name because of their size and their snouts. The adult male has a snout that resembles an elephant trunk. The seals are ginormous! The females reach up to 5 meters in length and weight up to 3000kg – the males grow to an impressive length of 6 meters and weigh 4000kg. They are seriously big animals!

We stopped by and got to see them together with their pups. They are adorable! If you’re driving up or down Highway 1, make sure to stop here!! During peak seasons you also get to met volunteers who will happily answer all you your questions about the elephant seals.

For more information the Elephant Seals, other locations and practical information, visit Friends of the Elephant Seal.


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