Shanghai Soup Noodles

While living in China I discovered a sensational new world of noodle soups. Not just China – all over Asia actually, as every country have their own specialty.

When we moved here seven years ago we stumbled upon a small ‘hole in the wall’ noodle soup shop. Actually, it was probably more of a garage. Either way, it was authentic. And delicious. We recently went back to see if it was still around. It was like nothing had changed.


An older Shanghainese man has set up a simple set-up selling Shanghainese soup noodles. The noodles are in a deep soy broth, topped with steamed bok choy, pickled vegetables, either a stewed pork chop or marinated tofu and a fried egg.

An epic bowl of goodness that will fill you up for most of the day.


There are so many variations of noodle soups in China you will never be bored. However, this is definitely one of my favourites. So simple and so honest. How much? 15RMB!



Address: 197 Xikang Road, Shanghai – 西康路197号, 上海


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