The Super Booster Sugarcane

Did you know that sugarcane juice is an alkaline forming food? What does alkaline forming food mean, you’re thinking. Everything we ingest is either acidic or alkaline. pH is a measure to show exactly how acidic or alkaline things are. Our blood for example is slightly alkaline with a pH of approximately 7.4.


A healthy body is slightly alkaline. By eating a diet of 60-80% alkaline-forming food and 20-40% acid-forming food we help boost our immune system and our energy levels.

Research has shown that a highly acidic diet creates a desirable environment for yeast and fungus infections. Something none of us are interested in, right?! Even worse though, diseases like cancer thrive in an acidic environment. A alkaline diet therefore helps and supports the body in fighting all these undesirable ‘guests’.


In recent years we’ve all heard about the amazing befits of wheatgrass. Sugarcane juice actually has a high potency equivalent to wheatgrass juice – only with less chlorophyll and higher sugar content. However, the sugar content is only about 15% – all of which is in a raw and unrefined form. The rest of the juice consists of water with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre.

The polyphenols in sugarcane juice work in harmony with the vitamins, minerals to slow down the absorption of its sugars into the bloodstream, which results in a relatively low glycemic index.

Amazing right?!


Living in Shanghai, we see the long fibrous stalks of sugarcane at most fruit stores. Some of the store owners will even juice the sugarcane for you. The fruit vendor pushes the stalks through a machine, which then squeezes the liquid out immediately. Delish!!

So there you have it – sugarcane juice (in moderation of course) is actually good for us!




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