I think my wanderlust started at an early age. Growing up in Denmark my parents bought my siblings and I on trips around Europe every year. Holiday time was always a special time together. I would count the days leading up to our family vacation. Daydream about the destination long before we had even departed.


Fast forward to the year I graduated from high school. I backed my backpack and flew to Vietnam with one of my girlfriends. Asia for the first time and completely mind-blown. Everything was new, challenging and exciting.

Later I ventured down under. First for travels, and then for university and work. I was literally on the complete opposite side of the world. I made friends with my now amazing husband. We would spend evening after evening on the terrace discussing all the places we wanted to explore one day. I think we planted the seeds very early on.

We then embarked on a new adventure together as we moved to China. During our time living in Shanghai we did our best to explore as much of the continent as possible. We learnt to look at a three-day weekend as an opportunity to hunt for cheap flight and a new country/city/mountain. And man, have we seen places. We came to realize over time that talking to locals, ditching guides and group tours, and always taking local transportation immersed us in the local culture and showed us the real parts of the countries we were visiting – things that tourists almost never get to see or understand.

The road is not straight. There is right, there is left and then there are roundabouts. But with restless feet and a desire to see the whole world, the road will always take you places.








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