Moganshan: A Weekend Away from Shanghai

Moganshan is my number 1 favourite destination for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.


It is easy: it is just a 2-hour train ride from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Deqing Station (德清) and then a 40-minute car drive from Deqing to the mountain. Most hotels and guesthouses in Moganshan can arrange pick-ups at a reasonable price. Alternative it can also be arranged to drive directly from Shanghai to Moganshan, which is a 2.5-3-hour drive depending on traffic.

It is completely opposite to Shanghai: it is peaceful, lush, fresh and picturesque mountain covered in green bamboo and pine trees in abundance. We saw bamboo logged, sat on, dried, eaten, and basically used in every facet of their lives in the area.

It is super easy as a foreigner:  Moganshan offers a very local Chinese experience but at the same time most hotels and guesthouses serves lattes and Western breakfasts. The best of two worlds. It has long been a destination for both locals and foreigners to escape to city for a few days.


Such a tranquil view to wake up to!

Moganshan is incredibly beautiful. The skies are deep blue, and the scenery green and lush. If you’re a Shanghai resident, Moganshan offers the kind of nature we all come to miss after a while in the city. If you’re only a visitor to Shanghai, don’t miss out on experiencing the local countryside as a complete opposite to the hectic metropolis of Shanghai.

You can find hotels and guesthouses ranging in price. The area usually gets busier during weekends and public holidays – especially during the summer time where a trip to Moganshan is the perfect way to escape the intense and humid Shanghai heat.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in October we went to Moganshan with our friends for a few days. We booked rooms at the Korean owned No. 73 Lodge which is located at the bottom of the mountain. They offer local or Korean BBQ upon request.

We have also previously stayed at the simple and very reasonably priced Bamboo View Guesthouse which is located right next toNo. 73 Lodge. It is run by a nice Chinese family. The daughter, Lanying, speaks great English and is very easy to communicate with either via email or phone.


Our guesthouse and two other hostels in the village of Xiwuli were filled with like-minded people who also had a craving for the outdoors and physical activity. To say it was refreshing is an understatement.

There are several paths of different lengths around the area – the staff at the guesthouse were extremely helpful explaining where to go and how to find the best routes. We did a hike which took about 3.5 hours through the bamboo forest and tea plantations. It was so peaceful and the views were with amazing.






The locals were very accomodating in guiding us in the right direction as were looking for the Da Dou Wu reservoir.



Once you make it up to the reservoir, you’ll find the most turquoise water. It’s all worth the hike!


Back at the guesthouse everyone enjoyed their terrace with the local Mogan beer. It’s a light beer – but SO refreshing after a day of hiking.


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